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11pcs New Yoga Fitness Exercises TPE Latex Leg Resistance Band with Adjustable Length

  • جلد تفصيل
  • پيڪنگ ۽ پهچائڻ
  • ڪسٽمائيزيشن
  • تفصيلي تعارف
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جلد تفصيل

بڻ جي جاء: جيانگسو، چين                      

شئي نمبر U1633A

مواد: TPE

MOQ: 1000pcs

لوگو: دستياب

رنگ: رنگا رنگ / حسب ضرورت

پيڪنگ ۽ پهچائڻ

پيڪنگ جا تفصيل: رنگ باڪس

نموني وقت: 2-5days- موجوده نموني لاء

پهچائڻ جي تفصيل: 45 ڏينهن ۾ ادائيگي کان پوء موڪليو ويو


ڪسٽم ٿيل علامت

ڪسٽمائيز پيڪيج

حسب ضرورت رنگ

(منٽ آرڊر مقدار 1000 ٽڪر)

تفصيلي تعارف
  1. Tethered resistance training for specific positions,allows for individualized training

  2. Resists and assists the specific motions needed to succeed at a given position

  3.  Great for gym, home, travel and office use

  4. High-quality material offers progressive resistance

  5. Helps you isolate target muscles more effectively

  6. They are light weight, portable and space saving exercise equipment

  7. Designed to effectively building muscle strength and tone the body, there are resistance bands for a variety of exercise that specific muscle groups.

روشن سند